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Intra-net – Share information in a controlled, secure & safe way

Sharing information across your organisation should come with the fear of having an outside factor access your data. An Intranet is a network that will allow your company to have a closed matrix which can only be accessed by the members of your firm.

We build intranet solutions that are customised to meet your users, business and IT needs. These solutions are scalable, it grows as you grow, in a secure way, ensuring your data is protected and easily maintained. We provide the best approach for your Intranet or Extranet requirements.

A custom INTRANET solution can help you

  • Distribute Employee policies & procedures
  • Host Discussion boards & groups
  • Provide Company ethos
  • Employee who’s who with photos
  • Information on the products or service your company provides
  • Access to company news, events & training
  • Control data Easily & cost effectively, uses include; annual leave, sick leave, expenses & more
  • Store & sharing company documentation with immediate effect
  • Share information with staff on an as-needed basis

Service & Maintenance – Your digital business needs TLC

Achieve maximum impact; your business operates both in the digital and tactile world. Invest in the growth and efficiency of your online presence by embracing the advantage gained through keeping your tech systems up to date. Our team is poised to support you in maintaining your technology packages right and to respond to issues as they occur.


Security – The Neo-industrial revolution is here, cyber risk is everywhere, build cyber resilience from the inside out.

You & your business operate in a global and highly-interconnected environment. Safeguarding your valuable data against unauthorised access or misuse is integral to maintaining your competitive advantage, and towards meeting data privacy compliance requirements.

Today’s organisation’s must manage the high probability of cyber threats. Don’t be constrained by cyber risks, take advantage of every technological opportunity to Perform better, solve problems, & manage cyber. remain flexible, secure, & vigilant to minimise risk & optimise performance.

Datadyne’s Innovative cybersecurity advisory services, helps you grow confidently, protect and govern data, & generate business insights.

Datadyne can help you and your business
Leveraging global resources & create solutions tailored to meet your business needs
Scale security and compliance operations quickly & efficiently
develop customised strategies to protect information

Mitigate cyber threats with human insights & technological innovations

Medical IT – effective, efficient and affordable, Insights Driven Healthcare

Change continues to shape the healthcare landscape. Uncertainty prevails, demand increases, & stakeholders try to understand the unrelenting change.

As the industry undergoes significant change, healthcare providers must adapt to new realities to remain an asset within the industry & continue to grow.

From the hospital to the doctor’s office, we help clients deliver more healthcare with modern health IT which can make a positive impact in the lives of patients, care providers & the community. We will empower your digital transformation that is compliant & empathetic.


Electronic Health Records (EHR)

DataDyne offer varied and internationally recognised skills with regards to your patient’s electronic health records.

We can help you install systems such as HealthOne and Socrates, alleviate issues you may have with them, transfer an infinite number of patient files and integrate any other systems.

Datadyne medical it can help you

  • assess Health Information Security Frameworks
  • Develop Digital strategy; change management, adoption of cloud services & emerging tech
  • Data integration & digital transformation

Medical-It can help make saving lives easier

Online Appointment System

DataDyne provide professionally made websites and systems which give your patients the ability to book appointments, order prescriptions and much more online.

We have worked with numerous small, medium and large scale medical practices with regards to these IT systems and they have reported huge benefits to implementing these procedures.

IT Systems

We have the skills upscale or update any system you wish.

From large networks for synchronizing 10000 patient files, or a single computer system for taking appointments, we can help make your practice more efficient.

Disaster Recovery

DataDyne Medical provides reliable data recovery services for practices in the event of data loss. Our technicians can help you both remotely and onsite to alleviate any problems that you are having.

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