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Digital Marketing Capability – Enterprise Ireland

Started by Enterprise Ireland, the Digital Marketing Capability support offers you the best resources and assistance to manage your business digitally across various available digital platforms.

As a project-based initiative, this support includes training for senior management in digital marketing strategy development along with providing guidance around enhancing the digital marketing strategy and capability of your team.

The support can be beneficial to re-evaluate your digital marketing strategies and re-think ways you increase your visibility and reach.

Enterprise Ireland is providing grant funding for 50% of the eligible project costs up to a maximum of €70,000 to companies seeking Digital Marketing Capability support.

DataDyne is an approved and listed marketing consultant for the Digital Marketing Capability Support (Enterprise Ireland). Our goal is to help businesses grow digitally with the use of the latest technologies, introduce new and improved digital marketing plans, train the team subsequently and work together to build a profitable brand. We can help you with:

  • Reviewing your existing digital marketing skills and developing future marketing strategies.
  • Formulating digital plans for your business based on contemporary digital tools and using the most relevant marketing strategies to increase the scope of business development.
  • Training the senior management to increase the overall digital marketing capabilities of your team.

For more information, please refer to the Digital Marketing Capability client brochure.

Before applying for the support, we recommend you discuss it with your Development Adviser regarding your eligibility for the support.

If eligible, you can contact us at DataDyne and we would be happy to assist you to file your application and start your digital marketing journey today!

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