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Enterprise Ireland’s Digitalisation Voucher

Does your business need to adapt and make a digital transformation?

A digital transformation involves using the most up to date tools to manage aspects of your business such as eCommerce, customer interactions, operations management, data use/ management and cyber security.

Enterprise Ireland have recently launched their Digitalisation Voucher, providing an exciting funding opportunity for businesses on their digital journey.

The objective of the Digitalisation Voucher is to help companies prepare a plan for the adoption of digital tools and techniques across the business, including:

  • Process Optimisation
  • Digital Customer Experience
  • Data Management

The voucher value is up to €9,000 and both Enterprise Ireland and non Enterprise Ireland companies are eligible to apply once they have met certain criteria.

DataDyne is an approved Enterprise Ireland Digitalisation Voucher vendor and is currently working with a number of companies, helping them to adapt to new technologies, improve their customer interactions, use their valuable data and increase their overall revenue as a result.

We would be happy to assist you with your application and explain how this voucher can be used to improve your business. Fill in the form below or call us directly to begin your digital transformation.

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