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Luke Middleton

Head of Technology & Innovation

Luke is a founder of DataDyne Consulting & has worked extensively in the IT space for the last number of years, holding experience in all aspects of software management including; frontend development, database management, and project management. Luke specialises in the management of custom & bespoke software which are tailor made for specific client needs.

What happens outside of work?
Luke in his own words: ” I like to attend games at my local Rugby club Suttonians RFC as well as Leinster/Ireland matches. As a tech nerd, I make sure that the latest technology is either on me or in my home in order to ‘test it out.”

How Can I Help You?

Kevin here, nice to meet you!


A little bit about me…. I specialise in interpreting the vision of the project, analysing it, and translating it into comprehensive advertising message.

I detail what each part of this message must accomplish by establishing key goals for each advertising channel and how these can bring success to your organisation.

Please feel free to reach out me to and let’s arrange a chat!

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DataDyne is a management & technology consulting firm based in Dublin, Ireland. Our expertise include advisory & consulting services, App, Software, & Web design & development, Advertising & Marketing services, & IT maintenance & Security consulting.

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