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Website Design and Development

At DataDyne Consulting we follow a structured, challenging design process that is driven and informed by research and consultation. We know that when we follow these procedures our designs are on a firm footing and have real value as opposed to simply an attractive surface look and feel.

Our process will begin with an examination of current user behaviour across existing digital assets using analytics, user interviews, recordings and conversion reviews. Once we have this clearer picture we begin a series of workshops with key user groups and stakeholders to build a solid brief ahead of our design work. Through a UX Design phase we will test all assumptions and begin producing our first sets of deliverables – user flows, information architecture, wireframes and prototypes.

Using this tried and tested structure, our websites are developed to deliver the optimum user experience both visually and in terms of use.

Contributors DataDyne will hold regular “design sprints” with you to ensure that every element of design is carried out at the highest level of standard and that brand consistency is adhered to throughout the website.

These structured “sprints” which are the hallmark of our collaborative project management approach, will ensure that your new website is designed to be aesthetically pleasing, simple to use and responsive, making it a website which best serves the needs of the organisation and stakeholders.

The end result of this process will be a highly impactful design which will have a strong focus on video, imagery and interactive features.

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DataDyne is a management & technology consulting firm based in Dublin, Ireland. Our expertise include advisory & consulting services, App, Software, & Web design & development, Advertising & Marketing services, & IT maintenance & Security consulting.

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