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Graphic Design

Your organisation is memorable, make it unforgettable by designing unmistakable logos, attention-grabbing flyers, posters that pop, exciting animated emails and dynamic digital advertising backed by a talented and insightful design team.

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Cyber Security

Ensure business continuity, peace of mind, and prevent the risks of cyber-attack with Datadynes cyber security solutions. Cybercrime has exploded over the past year, with over 1,000 in the first half of 2021 a double increase in Ransomware incidents compared to 2020.

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We will help you form the key ideas, initiatives, and activities that help make your business better and more sustainable. DataDyne can assist you achieving business growth by focusing on making improvements in one or more areas of your business.

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Investment with an experienced Search engine optimization (SEO) company that will bring you organic traffic and leads. You run an existing business or have just started new and have just launched a new website, then your site can benefit from SEO.

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Improve your App and Play Store rankings, and drive installs. That’s the aim of our Managed ASO program. Our team of specialists offer keyword optimization and A/B testing, insights from our scraping and keyword-tracking tools and carefully crafted experiments.


Hosting & Maintenance

A Hosting & Maintenance plan covers your websites security, software updates, backs up & restores your site, improves performance, improves your tracking & search engine results, protects your brands reputation, & saves you money & time.

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Business & Medical IT

Change continues to shape the healthcare landscape. As the industry continues to undergo significant change, healthcare providers must adapt to new realities to remain an asset within the industry and continue to grow. From a hospital to the GP’s office we help clients...

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BD & Strategy

Be Bold and stay ahead of the competition by looking at new ways to create breakthrough ideas and unique business solutions. Your company’s right to succeed depends on positioning, internal capabilities, and strategy aligned with your goals at every level.



DataDyne will hold regular “design sprints” with you to ensure that every element of design is carried out at the highest level and that brand consistency is adhered to throughout the website.



Whether you’re looking for a consumer-facing mobile app to better engage your customers or an enterprise-class platform to streamline your operations, we are ready to help you conceptualize, construct and deploy your ideal solution. As a custom application development company with DataDyne has what it takes to build the custom app your business demands.



Can cover everything from account management and growth implementations through planned strategy, to creating content and calendar coordination to boost your community engagement.



Tell your story in a compelling and purposeful way with content that creates impact. Good content captures attention the imagination, and can engage your customers. Working with storytellers that understand customer behavior and are in sync with your overall strategy for customer acquisition, will turn good into great.