Medical IT

Electronic Health Records (EHR)

DataDyne offer varied and internationally recognised skills with regards to your patient’s electronic health records.

We can help you install systems such as HealthOne and Socrates, alleviate issues you may have with them, transfer an infinite number of patient files and integrate any other systems.


Online Appointment System

DataDyne provide professionally made websites and systems which give your patients the ability to book appointments, order prescriptions and much more online.

We have worked with numerous small, medium and large scale medical practices with regards to these IT systems and they have reported huge benefits to implementing these procedures.

IT Systems

We have the skills upscale or update any system you wish.

Be it databases, servers, private networks, software/hardware or anything that is needed for your practice to run more efficiently.

From large networks for synchronizing 10000 patient files, or a single computer system for taking appointments, we can help make your practice more efficient.


Disaster Recovery

DataDyne Medical provides reliable data recovery services for practices in the event of data loss. Our technicians can help you both remotely and onsite to alleviate any problems that you are having.

Would you like to know more?

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